Why choose natural cosmetics?

How will natural products benefit the skin?

Awareness of the use of natural products is growing. Today more people who buy products prefer to know that their product is natural and healthy, but not always the task of decoding components is simple .. Names of components are so long and incomprehensible that we do not really know if it is as natural as we think. And who has time to start reading each product and product components?


Marketing does its job well, quite a bit that I go around in pharmacies, natural stores, Super Market sees that people choose products according to the cheap price, promotions, of course it makes sense that we prefer to save as much as possible. But is it right to save on our health account? Admitting that I too fell I was always looking for promotions. Until I started to study natural medicine, especially in the field of natural pharmaceutics and aromatherapy, where I learned in depth about the various ingredients and recorded some toxins and chemicals I injected into my skin! No wonder my skin was off, dry and lifeless.


Industrial products often add harmful preservatives such as SLS, parabens, various petroleum products (Vaseline for example), perfumes that give an amazing smell to the products, but on the other hand their absorption in our skin is poor, our skin does not know these ingredients and therefore may develop itching, , And even burns and wounds in very sensitive people. Creams are not only for external use as people think, they are definitely absorbed in skin, cells, and over time can cause serious diseases. As we eat food and its quality is important so is also important quality of creams that we spread on ourselves. Our skin is considered the third lung, and when we load many poisons chemicals and add to it an environmental pollution that is not under our control toxins accumulate in the body and are eventually excreted out of the skin in the form of allergies, itching, sores, diseases like Atopic, seborrhea

Take most of the deodorant. Most deodorants have aluminum that blocks the pores of the skin and basically stops the natural activity of sweating (sweating = detoxification from the body). Now consider what happens when we do not allow the toxins to get out of the body. And especially in such a sensitive area in the armpit where lymph nodes are found to swell when there is an infection in the body ...
If you look closely at the deodorant labels, you'll often see that it's called anti-perspirant. And even if you sweat, you will not feel the moisture because the ingredients called deodorant stop the sweat altogether.
In women who use this deodorant immediately after shaving, they increase the risk of bacterial growth in the area because after shaving the pores of the skin are opened and the armpit is more permeable to the entry of toxins.


Natural and healthy deodorant consists of materials that are friendly to the person and the body absorbs with love. They change the basic PH pH to contain antibacterial agents that prevent the formation of a bacterial substrate, and the aromatic oils give a pleasant smell to the product. Usually with natural deodorant you can find: baking soda, zinc, margarine, vegetable oils, aromatic oils, coconut oil, shea butter, cornstarch. And more ..

In our products we use the best natural and healthy ingredients that exist. The base of the cream begins with a mixture of distilled water plus natural carburer, Xanthan also stabilizes the cream, we add to the mixture plant oils such as olive oil, coconut, sesame seeds, grapes, almonds. Add the shea butter and cocoa to make the cream more difficult. In order to preserve the products, vitamin E, wheat germ, jojoba, coconut, grapefruit seeds, and aroma oil are added.

Since the products are natural, the shelf is usually up to six months long, when you hold the product in good conditions - in a cool and shady place, and use a stick to apply the cream so that no bacteria will enter and oxidize the product.
How do you know that the product you bought is natural? it's simple! If the cream changes the heat state - slightly softens and cold hardens it shows that the ingredients are natural.
Freshness of products is just as important when using natural products. The longer products are on the shelf, the more they lose their essential vitamins and minerals.
We produce pre-order creams so the customer gets a product that is as fresh and healthy as possible.

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