Rescuing abandoned animals in the streets

About 10 years ago I was not even aware of the existence of abandoned animals until one day in October 2007 in a stormy winter I heard the wailing of a cat under the car.

I was confused and thought that maybe she got lost very quickly I realized that she was probably born on the street .. I called her and she did not answer me, she was a little hurt I felt I wanted to help her because she is powerless.


From that day I began to see quite a few cats in the streets, abandoned dogs who were not lucky, some wounded, very thin, dirty because they were looking for food in the garbage cans and Libby could not remain indifferent to the cruel reality.

I established the cosmetics business out of my love for animals and the environment. The idea of ​​a vegan business where the products are ecological and do not harm animals - no animal components or animal experiments, and a business whose revenues are donated to save the abandoned animals.









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