Healing through natural medicine

What is natural medicine and how can I help with it?

I studied clinical herbalist for 4 years. The advantage of this route is a full toolbox containing a variety of natural ways to handle. Thanks to the aromatherapy and natural pharmacology certificate, I established Adi Natural Cosmetics for Natural and Natural Cosmetics. Over time it was upgraded due to high demand and became a successful brand VEGAN SENSE. Conventional medicine deals with a specific disease in the human body. We all happened when we got to the doctor, because we did not feel good whether we got the flu, allergy, stomach upset, vomiting.

The method of natural treatment in stages

Natural therapy begins first of all by making a decision that we allow ourselves to receive treatment. First of all because we deserve it. The concept of therapy sometimes frightens us a bit and we ask ourselves - "Is something wrong with us?" The answer is unequivocal! Each of us sometimes comes out of the natural balance, and there are quite a few factors that affect us in life. Whether it is stress, routine, work, parity, sudden illness, trauma, inappropriate diet and many other factors that may upset the natural balance of the body.

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