About me as a nanny in natural medicine

My name is Adi Stein I have completed the Clinical Herbalist at Meirav College of Alternative Medicine from the "Natural Maccabi" of the Open University.

She holds professional certificates in the fields of Bach Flowers, Aromatherapy, Natural Vegan Pharmacy, Guided Imagery, and Clinical Herbalist MIHA CI.H

I will be happy to give you tips and share with you my knowledge on: nutrition, Bach flowers and therapeutic essences, aromatherapy, herbs, tips and recipes for making natural products for you and any other topic you would like to learn about.

Before I opened the business I was hired and had a pretty good job as a marketing manager and Web site, but I felt it was not my destiny, I wanted to invest my time myself and develop my own business.

I realized that when I do things that are contrary to my inner desire, my soul eventually suffers and this affects my body and of course my health.

With the fear of going out to be independent I took the plunge, and since then only positive and good things have happened to me. That's why I first tell every patient to listen to his beliefs, emotions, needs, and what makes us good for the body and the soul.

I chose the profession that made my recovery and help with complementary medicine to other people certainly make me feel satisfied.
I will be happy to help each and every one of you.

The body is our temple and serves us throughout our lives. We must take care of all the basic needs that we sometimes forget: proper and proper nutrition, body and mind balance in a natural way as possible without the use of harmful chemicals, calm calm, and choosing what makes us feel good.


Sometimes, the decision to go out and take care of ourselves is not easy to think that maybe something "wrong" makes us feel better to leave the situation as it is. But we are human beings and we tend not to be perfect, but balanced. Natural therapy balances the mind and body together.
Once you make the first step you are already feeling great relief! And I'm here for you to support all along and the treatment process.

The products have been upgraded according to customer comments and requests, and this is one of the reasons our customers are regular and they can get their products exactly as they like and want.

In recent years I have learned to connect with my true self. I wanted to do the things I was good at:
The practice of natural medicine and natural vegan pharmacology in the business I set up to help others.
My business contributes to the rescue of abandoned animals. Dogs, cats, and some of the profits are donated to sterilization, feedings, and routine treatments.

I found out about myself that I love to invest, to listen, to give of myself without wanting to get paid. And in fact every day I get a huge change - and that's the good feeling that I've been able to help another soul.

My goal: to give a good feeling and feeling to a patient's home, to give a supportive shoulder and a sympathetic ear, to give my knowledge and experience in the field of natural medicine to help patients return to balance with care and consideration, to create quality and natural products in accordance with personal needs and of course.

I chose to study a clinical herbalist to help you as I helped myself - in a natural and healthy way.
From an early age, I suffered from various gastric problems that were attributed to stress at various times in my life, from high school.
It was not long before I arrived at an unpleasant medical examination and a search for doctors to save him from the painful and difficult situation.
The doctors did their jobs as only they knew and recommended me to a wide variety of pills that ultimately only hurt my body.

For years I found myself going from one specialist to another, got lots of advice, and directed me to tests non-stop.
Unfortunately, there was no improvement and vice versa - my body weakened due to the many treatments and chemicals, and I reached a situation where I can not work.
During this period when I had to work from home because I could not leave, I promised myself that no matter what I cured the disease and feel better.


I read online about complementary medicine and decided that it was the profession I wanted to learn.
Thanks to the treatment and balance of the body in the natural healing way, I managed to rehabilitate myself, and realized that I had the ability to help others in a natural way.

I am here for you, to lend a hand, a supportive shoulder, an attentive ear, to help, support and accompany you throughout the course of my treatment.

Our bodies have natural healing powers of their own. And we have to give him a chance to recover and reach a balance in the natural way.

In addition, I am a vegan (not eating animal products), which made my body feel better than the first days I stopped eating animal products. Supports natural and natural lifespan, and believes that it is the basis for changing our health for the better.
Loves animals and believes in contributing to the environment and loving animals in it.


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